One of the famous poker variants is Caribbean stud poker. It is played almost the same way as 5-card stud poker. You can find top online casinos that feature the game and offer impressive bonuses at .

What are the Differences Between Caribbean Stud and 5-Card Stud?

In terms of the gameplay, both Caribbean stud and 5-card stud share the same basic rules and they are played using a total of 5 cards to form the best hand and determine the winner of the game.

However, unlike 5-card stud poker, you cannot bluff your opponents in the Caribbean stud and you do not have the option to draw cards or replace certain cards to make a better hand for yourself after receiving your cards.

How Does Caribbean Gameplay Start?

Like every other casino game, the first thing you need to do is to place your bets to kick off the game. Every casino and variation of the game has a betting limit that specifies how much you can bet.

How Dealer Deals Cards

After placing your bets, the dealer may shuffle the card depending on the version of the game or the rules that apply, and he will deal all players 5 cards each from the deck of cards.

  • The dealer deals 5 cards to each player
  • Cards may be shuffled before they are dealt

Will the dealer also take cards?

Yes, he will. Once the dealer deals players 5 cards (usually face down), he will also go-ahead to take 5 cards from the deck. The last card of the dealer's hand is flipped for players to see.

Caribbean Stud Poker Actions

Players will be given a chance to take their preferred action on how to continue with the game after seeing their cards and the dealer's last card. You can fold or increase the original bet (ante bet).

What Does it Mean to Fold or Increase Bet?

To fold simply means that you are pulling out of the game. If after checking your hand, you realise that it is not strong enough to compete with the dealer's hand you can fold, but you'll lose the ante bet.

  1. You automatically lose your ante bet when you fold
  2. There is a limit to the amount you can bet in Caribbean stud

If you want to continue playing the game, however, you will need to raise the ante bet by placing an additional bet. Once you do this, the dealer has to check if he can also proceed with the game.

Dealer's Qualifying Hand

Before a dealer can proceed with the game, his hand must be at least an Ace-king. If not, the game ends and the player gets 1:1 payout for the ante bet while the additional bet is pushed.

What happens if the dealer qualifies?

If the dealer qualifies, then the player's hand, as well as the dealer's hand, will be compared to see which one is the best. Whoever has the best hand based on poker hand ratings wins the game.

Caribbean Stud Poker Payout

The payout depends on the hand. Winning with a royal flush in Caribbean stud pays 100:1 while the payout for a straight flush is 50:1. Payout can be checked in the information menu of the online version of the game

Can I play Caribbean stud for free?

Yes, you can. Several online casinos feature free mode of Caribbean stud poker which you can play to learn how the gameplay works and know all the basic rules and moves allowed for you to make.

Can I win money playing free Caribbean Stud?

No, you cannot. Free Caribbean stud is only featured to allow players to test the game. It is for demonstration purposes so you cannot win any money unless you place a real-money bet in the game

What Should I Check When Selecting Real-Money Caribbean Stud Poker Sites?

There are a number of things you need to check. You should make sure that the casino is licensed by a top gaming authority and that it offers bonuses that you can use for playing Caribbean stud poker.

You should go through the payment method page of the casino to know the deposit and withdrawal methods supported and also consider the different customer support methods that have been provided for you to use when you need the casino's assistance.